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About Us

We here at Ginas Financial, Inc. specialize in looking at the WHOLE PICTURE for our clients by re-allocating and re-positioning retirement assets for safety, growth, legacy planning, and income planning. We gather complete information to help our clients make informed decisions in an easy to understand manner to assist with their particular situation.



Medicare Solutions

We help you clearly understand how Medicare works for you, what your Medicare choices are, and how you can save the most money on your Medicare coverage. As an independent agency, we represent more than 30 different companies and plans that work with Medicare, such as Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans.




Financial Planning

We represent multiple annuity companies, which can provide you with a safe and secure retirement vehicle, providing you with a steady income stream during retirement. We never risk your hard-earned money; instead, we advise using financial instruments where you get the gain of the market and none of the loss. In this way, you maximize your financial growth.




Insurance Products

We have the ability to shop more than 50 different life insurance companies in order to save you the most money on your life insurance coverage. That means more money in your pocket while enabling you to get more protection for your family.




Retirement Income

Individuals aged 25-50, especially, can significantly profit from a tax-free income instrument. This is another safe, secure financial vehicle that prepares you for retirement, but one which ensures that the gain and income you receive are TAX-FREE! Imagine the percentage of gain you would need to obtain in a taxed instrument (even a taxed-deferred instrument) in order to match the gain you can get in a tax-free financial instrument!